Why Should You Consider Choosing This Rod?

G. Loomis’ recently introduced the new E6X lineup of 30 technique-specific and classic-action rods that upholds its reputation for quality—at a surprisingly affordable price.

G. Loomis is known for producing high-end fishing rods—premium sticks that a weekend angler generally has to think hard about rearranging the tackle budget before digging for his wallet. The new E6X series makes that process a lot easier, however, because the price tag on any rod in the group is less than $200. Yet, they’re all handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, and reflect the company’s dedication to producing top-quality fishing equipment.

First, as G. Loomis explains it, the E6X blanks are a fusion of high-performance proprietary materials with low resin content, reduced scrim and more high strain weight carbon fiber. In angling terms, it means a rod that’s lightweight, highly sensitive and durable.

The Multi-Taper construction process G. Loomis uses allows the blanks to be made with a minimum amount of material and more uniform wall thickness. On the water, it means each rod has the optimum action and balance for the fishing technique for which it was designed.

In all, the E6X series includes 12 technique-specific casting rods designed for jig and worm use, for flipping and punching, for casting cranks and spinnerbaits, along with four technique-specific spinning models for small jigs, tubes and worms, plus two dropshot spinning rods. All the jig-and-worm rods have the necessary extra-fast tips; crankbait rods have slower, softer actions, while stiff, powerful actions are found on the flip/punch rods. Spinnerbait, swimbait and dropshot rods have actions all their own. The entire group of technique-specific sticks features cork, split-grip handles, along with Fuji reels seats and guides.

The 12 Classic multi-purpose E6X models include six ‘Mag Bass’ and flipping-action casting rods, and six spin jig spinning rods. They all feature fast tapers, with powerful butt-sections. All the E6X Classic rods feature full cork grips, Fuji guides and Fuji exposed blank trigger reels seats.

If you need something to fill a niche in your arsenal, the E6X is a high-value option that warrants consideration.

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