Storm Arashi Rattling Square

Go-to squarebill blends sonic stylings with unmistakable circuit-board action.

Serious crankbait fans know that choosing the right lip design can mean the difference between one strike and twenty. A bait’s sonic profile is likewise key, and Storm’s Arashi Rattling Square combines the ever-deadly squarebill design with circuit-board construction, then adds a fish-attracting, multi-ball rattle system to boot. The result is a go-to bait for catching large- and smallmouth bass in a variety of situations.

Let’s start with the lip. I love squarebills, mostly for their uncanny ability to deflect off rocks, wood and other sunken treasures to trigger strikes from nearby bass. Plus, they typically yield a fine side-to-side wobble. Circuit boards bring an added dimension. They’re thinner and more flexible than standard Lexan lips, fueling steeper dive curves and truly unique deflections off underwater objects. Some anglers create their own circuit board baits using lips from tackle supply vendors, but the Arashi makes it available to the masses.

Added together, the Arashi’s circuit board squarebill yields a pronounced, tight wobble with a lively rolling action on a straight retrieve, spiced up by strike-triggering darts and dashes when it bounces off cover. I also like how Storm engineers tweaked the bait’s buoyancy so it backs out of cover when you hit something the Arashi just can’t sidestep—limiting snags.

Anytime you’re calling fish from a distance, especially in low-vis and low-light conditions, extra sound and vibration is a plus. I’ve experimented with a host of different rattle options over the years—from large, single-ball systems to sound chambers stoked with oodles of small shot—and this bait’s multi-ball sonic stylings are right up there. The best way to describe the resonance is a nice high pitch and raspy tone, which the company says do a great impression of shallow-water baitfish.

Other amenities I appreciate include rotated hook hangers, which nest your trebles close to the body, allowing the use of larger hooks while yielding better bait action and fewer hang-ups. The free-moving, self-tuning line tie, which keeps the Arashi running true, is also a cool touch.

The Arashi is available in a 2 1/8-inch, 1/2-ounce size that dives three feet, and a 2 3/8-inch, 5/8-ounce version that runs five feet on the cast. The smaller bait features size 4 premium VMC black-nickel trebles, while its big brother brandishes size 2s. Both are available in a variety of color patterns to match any water condition or mood of the fish. Anytime you’re targeting bass or other predators in shallow water, particularly around hard cover, these baits merit serious consideration.

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