Win A Mann’s Big Bass Tackle Pack

Big baits catch big fish, and this fantastic lure package from Mann’s Bait Co. is aimed squarely at oversize largemouths. For a chance to win it, you need only to enter the sweepstakes.

You love to catch bruiser largemouths. What bass fisherman doesn’t? Well, here’s a tackle pack for you from Mann’s Bait Co. and North American Fisherman; it’s a selection of lures meant to attract the biggest bass in any body of water.

This pack includes an E-Z Crank 30+ crankbait, a large-profile lure designed to reach the depths where trophy-class fish like to hold on a slow to medium retrieve, as well as a 10-pack of Mann’s 12-inch Hardnose Jelly Worms—in grape, of course.

The winner also gets a Mann’s Goliath Frog, a monster hollow-body topwater that measures nearly 6 inches from end-to-end. Twitch it over pads or matted vegetation, and giant largemouths pay attention. The Three-For-All is a single weedless jig head with three swimbait bodies. It’s meant to mimic a small pod of baitfish, yet fall under the single-hook regulations in place in some states.

As a bonus, the pack also includes a Tiny 1-Minus Crankbait, an 1/8-ounce hardbait that runs just below the surface and attracts bruisers and eater-size fish alike.

This tackle pack, valued at $40, could be yours—if you enter the Online Giveaway.

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