Kayak Bass Series: Sam Rayburn

The second stop with the new Kayak Bass Series was at Sam Rayburn in Texas. Here’s how it ended up!

You’ll hear me brag about kayak fishing until the end of my days, I truly think it is one of the coolest ways to catch fish! Over the last week I spent my time in the seat of my 2015 Hobie Outback in Texas fishing Sam Rayburn. It rained, it was windy, and it was freezing—especially to my Florida standards.

This tournament really brought light to the extreme side of kayak bass fishing. It’s a huge body of water with very little area to shelter from the weather and other tournament boats. Forty-eight kayak fishermen launched their boats, thirsty to be hailed as “Tournament Champion.”

Jason Delfraisse is very familiar with taking 1st, which I could only assume has spiked his kayak fishing tournament addiction. With a grand total of 54.25 inches, Jason successfully took Sam Rayburn by storm. Here’s how he dissected the lake:

“There had been a lot of rain in that area and the entire north half of the lake was very muddy. I wanted to find something with clear water, which meant I would be fishing the lower part of the lake,” he explains. “Seasonal patterns suggest bass should be in the pre-spawn stage right now, so I wanted an area with deep water next to expansive flats. I would also be out of the wind, which is very necessary when fishing from a kayak.”

His baits of choice were “no-brainers” as he nonchalantly says. He chose a green/pumpkin Z-Man chatter-bait with a green/pumpkin swimbait trailer. Delfraisse fished Five Fingers Cove, because of the grass and large spawning areas adjacent to deep, clear water.

I’m a huge fan of the KBS, but I wanted a true Texan’s opinion regarding this tournament, and the KBS in general. “Yes, I would encourage others to fish this series and I hope they do,” he says. “It’s a big challenge with great fishing opportunity with some awesome stops!”

Please visit the Kayak Bass Series for the full tournament standings, including AOY. The next stop is in Greensboro, Alabama where anglers will compete on legendary Lake Guntersville.

Here’s a look back at the first event of the year on the St. John’s River.

EDITOR’S NOTE: While she won’t toot her own horn, it needs to be mentioned that Christina took 8th place in the first event and 4th in the second at Sam Rayburn. Currently, she holds the second-place position in the Angler Of the Year race … “Redfeesh” can fish, folks—no joke about it!

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