Fishing on a Budget…Money Saving Tips

Finding simple ways to reduce expenditures during a fishing adventure will reduce stress, and allow for more spending on things that matter. Like more baits!

Many anglers this time of year have already planned or are planning an impromptu fishing trip somewhere, more than likely south to warmer temperatures and open water. When planning this trip or just during your regular fishing season, any time you can save money, means more gas money for your boat or truck or placing that order with your favorite online tackle shop for some new and hot specialty bait you’ve been hearing so much about.

Here is some helpful money saving tips:

  • Anytime you can travel with one or more people, you are able to split lodging and gas costs, plus having a travel buddy is a good idea should an emergency arise.
  • When you limit the number of “eat out” meals, the cost of that fishing trip decreases dramatically! So bring food and drinks for your snacks in the boat rather than buying it at the gas station in the morning, and have meals you can prepare in the evening instead of going out to eat for dinner.
  • If you need to get lodging for this trip, look at splitting a rental house with multiple fishermen instead of getting a hotel room.
  • Save your used or dull hooks and beat up tungsten weights and use them for prefishing.
  • Be on the lookout all year long for discounted tackle or sales at retail locations.
  • When prefishing or just out fun fishing, run your boat at 40 mph and not wide open as they will save on gas and oil.
  • If the body of water you are fishing is large and you are focusing on a certain section of the lake that day, trailer your boat to the nearest boat ramp and put in there. Your truck has better fuel economy than your boat.

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