New X-Rap Paint Job

Check out Rapala’s sexy new color schemes on an established fish-catching machine!

One of my all-time favorite smallmouth bass baits is the Rapala X-Rap. Hence my excitement over Rapala’s introduction of four new colors to the X-Rap family.

Although introduced some time mid-last year, I only recently discovered the new patterns. Must have missed the memo.

Designed by Mike “Ike” Iaconelli as an extension to existing “Ike’s Custom Ink” patterns, the four new hues are surprisingly subtle, perfect for early-season cold and clear waters.

First, each new pattern features a subdued pearl finish intended to mimic the sun-fading many anglers employ to prematurely age their baits.

Voodoo? All I know is I’ve seen sun-faded baits work first-hand. I have a fishing guide buddy who ages his Shad Raps by pinning them to the outside of his sun visor for an entire season before fishing ‘em. Proof’s in the pudding. There have been times when his Shad Raps out-fish new, out-of-the-box baits 3 to 1.

The four new X-Rap patterns also feature what’s best described as micro-glitter to mimic the underwater flash of baitfish scales.

I couldn’t choose which models to try, so I recently bought one of each. I’ll get back to you on the results as soon as I get a chance to fish open water.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the new colors:

  1. Marilyn – Obviously an homage to bombshell Marilyn Monroe … light yellow top and silver/white belly with additional gold tinsel in a white feather tail.
  2. Slick – Like a faded version of Rapala’s famous fish-catching blue/silver or the jeans your wife wore in 1989.
  3. River Perch – Brownish body with tan vertical markings that could easily pass for perch, dace, chubs or other baitfish. Very anxious to give this pattern a shot!
  4. Scoop – Blue glimmer with orange bottom, providing just enough to contrast to mimic a whole host of different bait.

FYI: Besides X-Raps, these four new colors are also available on your favorite size DT and Shad Rap baits.

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