Make Your Lake: Humminbird’s AutoChart Live

This new technology creates the highest detailed lake maps available, and you don’t have to share them with anyone!

Do you enjoy fishing uncharted waters? Uncharted waters likely receive less pressure, but they are more difficult to fish without adequate mapping. Wouldn’t it be great to map out a Top-Secret Lake X? Or produce better mapping on lesser-known spots on a popular lake? It would be a step up on the competition for sure.

Mapping or charting technology has been around for a little while, but until now updating those maps meant sharing them with the world—and who wants to share their favorite honey holes? Not this guy.

Through the use of Humminbird’s ONIX depthfinders, hit the record button and implement a boat-driving pattern that is similar to how you mow the yard—back and forth—until you’ve covered and charted the area you want to know more about. BAM, new, highly detailed map of your best spots. This technology is a game changer—find out how it can make you a better fisherman!

See how it works from the dash of Bill Carson’s boat:

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