Simple Rod Holders For Ice Fishing

Sometimes finding the right application for your specific needs may not be at the local bait shop or big-box store.

For the last few years I have put different rod holders on my Clam X2 ice shack. Rod holders are important for me because they keep my rods off the ice and hold deadsticks, but most work great for specific situations but lack versatility or durability.

What ended up being a simple solution for me was to cut a small section of PVC pipe that was just slightly larger than my rod diameter. I then just attached them with a bolt and put washers at each contact point to act as a bushing.

Drilling one larger hole so that the screw and driver could reach through made it very easy to attach. I also spent some time before drilling to measure out where the attachment point would be because I could then rotate to use either end of the tube depending on my rod length. My walleye rods are a little longer than my perch and panfish rods and this allows me one holder for all of them.

When not in use or when moving form spot to spot they simply rotate in store.

After using a lot of “made for ice fishing rod holders” a quick, easy and very inexpensive DIY project might work best.

Here’s another interesting rod holder that might have applications in your late-season ice-fishing approach.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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