Nite Ize: Gear Ties

Sometimes a very simple and inexpensive product can change an entire fishing adventure.

When you’re thinking your life is a cluster, you could have been the guy who left for a kayak tournament without a kayak seat. I ran into him at the ramp where both of us were going to fish. Fortunately, I come well equipped with a slew full of Nite Ize product tied up in my truck—organization is everything when it comes to being effective, especially with fishing.

He was trying to put a Jackson seat into a Hobie Outback, which wasn’t a bad idea, however ... I know the kayak fishing community has been trying to rig different seats inside different kayaks for a while now, but there is usually some specific hardware required to make the match happen. This was my first time in a situation where a kayaker didn’t have another option.

My friend had the seat sitting inside the boat, but it wasn’t attached adequately. He was doing his best to find some item to securely attach the seat to the ‘yak so he could pedal. I offered up the a few Gear Ties, which worked perfectly.

For such a simple inexpensive product I use these things everywhere. I keep a few of each size in my truck at all times for these random little moments that life presents us with.

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