Selecting The Right Plastic: Flipping

Sometimes subtle differences in plastic-bait selection can make a big difference in the outcome!

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to soft plastics for flipping a Texas-rig. Sometimes the bass are on such a feeding binge that no matter what style, color or size you select, they will eat it. But, other times the bite is tough and the fish become very selective. Here are a few thoughts on how to beat finicky bass.

When flipping a Texas-rig, the cover will dictate what type of plastic bait to choose. If you are flipping into heavy vegetation, you’ll want to use a lure that is compact with few appendages that can sometimes increase hang-ups. In these situations I’ll use a Zoom Super Hog, but if I’m flipping the edge of sparse lilypads I like to rig up a Brush Hog.

During Spring and Fall when the water is cooler, using a plastic bait that moves less water is a good choice as the bass aren’t as active—they often prefer a more subtle approach. Using a streamlined plastic like the Z-Hog or a tube is a good choice in this situation. Then as soon as the water temperature starts to climb, as does the bass’s preference for a bait with more action, so I’ll Texas-rig a Super Speed Craw.

I like to keep it simple when it comes to color selection: Green pumpkin and black/blue are my favorites, but I do like to keep a few additional colors on hand if a situation warrants a different choice. Similar colors with differently colored fleck will also give the fish something else to look at.

In my blog next week, I’ll look at the plastic bait options for a Carolina-rig.

To learn more about why I choose these plastic baits for flipping, check out this video:

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