Sneak Peaks: Fly Fishing Film Tour!

Getting and up close and personal look at some earth shattering fly-fishing footage is just what you need to jumpstart your spring!

Don’t miss the bus when the 9th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour makes a stop near your town!

The F3T has been on my must-do list for the past several years and each year I walk out of the theater pumped to spend even more time swinging feathers and fluff.

And each year’s featured films emerge as the finest in the sport. Some are the work of individual fish-heads like you and me – others the creation of full-scale production houses. Even that line’s getting blurred, as camera technology improves each year. Seriously, you’ll be blown away by what some anglers can do with nothing but a few GoPro or smartphone cams. Jaw-dropping stuff.

Another thing: F3T isn’t just a film festival, it’s a full-on party. It’s not uncommon for the whole theater to erupt in micro-brewed laughter and unison call-outs to the screen when an angler does something amazing or familiar-ly stupid – like losing a giant fish. I’ve met several new fishing buddies just by chatting with folks in the popcorn and beer line.

It’s not all about trout, either. Some of the past festivals’ best films have been about bass fishing, muskie hunting, even catching mako sharks—on the fly. Not to mention the unfairly maligned carp—or what many fluff-chuckers refer to as “Nebraska Bonefish.” If you aren’t fishing for carp already, start.

Even if fly fishing isn’t your bag, you’ll recognize the passion in these films … After all, it’s not about what kind of gear you use—it’s about the pursuit, the triumphs, the failures … our experience on the water with family and friends.

And there’s lots of that. Good stuff, too. Check out this Sneak Peak to get a glimpse!

Check out the schedule here – and tell your buddies. I can’t think of a better excuse besides actually fishing to leave the house. Plus, there’s beer for barley-lovers.

On a parting note, please make sure to watch this trailer, the story of one soldier’s journey from war, PTSD and depression to wellness through the restorative power of fly fishing. Simply awesome.

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