Real Deal Flippin’ Shad

Dean Rojas knows that this flippin' shad bait is the real deal!

As the holder of the all-time Bassmaster tournament record for the heaviest single-day catch, Bassmaster Elite Series star Dean Rojas has known a thing or two about prodding big bass to strike for much of his career. Over the years, he began to design what he believed to be the ideal soft plastic lure for sightfishing bass.

His first iteration was the highly popular Warmouth from Big Bite Baits, a lure that resembled the small sunfish that frequently prey upon bass eggs. He proved to the fishing world immediately that his design was dead on by cashing a winner's check at that Bassmaster Battle on the Bayou on Toledo Bend in 2011.

The  Warmouth was a star in itself, but it was also a door opener.

The concept led to the design of the Big Bite Baits Real Deal Shad, a bait with the body of the Warmouth but with kicking tails that added more fish-attracting action.

"You can rig it Texas-style with a bullet weight as I normally do when I am sight fishing," says Rojas. "When I see bass roaming around or guarding fry, however, I fish it on a dropshot rig. As you lift it, the Real Deal Shad rises from the bottom, but the dropshot weight pulls it back down, activating the tail. That action can draw fish from a greater distance and provoke a strike.

"It has been a homerun for me. I have court a lot of key fish on it in tournaments when I couldn't get them to bite anything else."


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