Boonedox Landing Gear

Kayak wheels are not just wheels, these new babies have changed mobility in a big way!

After hearing murmurs at a recent Kayak Bass Series about a new set of wheels, that Boonedox is presenting to the market, they’re finally here! This is not a new concept in the kayak world—‘yak anglers need the mobility to move their boats around the garage, boat ramp or down the trail to access the water, but Boonedox has raised the bar with their new Landing Gear.

The fact that we’re these things “landing gear,” really brings a new perspective to carting your boat around. The Landing Gear makes life much easier without having to tip your kayak on its side, lift it over your head or removing all your gear.

It’s a frustrating when you need to haul all your gear a great distance, such as back to the truck, cabin or during storage.

The Boonedox Landing Gear has an aluminum body with stainless steal hardware and legs. This gives kayak fisherman the lightweight durability required in every accessory. The Landing Gear will expand to fit kayaks 17 to 27 inches wide.

For those of us who value products that are Made in America, all the Boonedox gear is built right in the backyards of Thomasville, North Carolina, and as the Boonedox team likes to say: “Always will be.”

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