Selecting the Right Plastic…Carolina Rigging

Choosing the right plastic for Carolina-rigs could mean the difference in catching fish consistently, and not getting bit at all.

Last week I discussed good plastic choices when flipping for bass in heavy cover. This week let’s look at the plastics for dragging bottom with a Carolina-rig. There are numerous options to choose from, but for me, here are a few key plastics I am confident in.

My starting bait for a Carolina-rig is a small creature, like the Zoom Baby Brush Hog . It is compact so it can be cast with ease, yet produces a fish enticing action with its curly tail. This bait also does a good job imitating a crawfish especially if that’s what the bass are feeding on. If I’m getting a lot of small bass on this bait, I’ll bump up to the larger Brush Hog.

In the spring especially, a lizard on the end of your Carolina-rig is a great choice. The streamlined profile offers a finesse approach to your rig, but again like the Baby Brush Hog, the tail action of a lizard will entice a bass into biting.

If the bass are feeding on shad, a shad-imitating bait like the Zoom Super Fluke works well. This combo is very effective if the school of feeding fish shut down after a productive topwater bite. More than likely those fish are still in that area, but need a different presentation.

Next week, I’ll look at the plastic bait options for finessing big bass into eating.

To learn more about why I choose these plastic baits for Carolina-rigging, check out this video:

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