Clean, Drain, Dry!

With fishing activity heating up around the country, a leading conservation organization is reminding anglers and boaters to help stop the spread of invasive species.

Conservation organization, Wildlife Forever, recently announced new efforts to stop the spread of invasive species by promoting responsible outdoor recreation through the new “Clean Drain Dry Initiative” (CD2). Unveiled at the 100th Assembly of the North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, the initiative charges anglers, boaters, hunters and all recreational users who enjoy the outdoors, to “Clean, Drain, Dry” to prevent the spread of invasive species.

"It's no secret that invasive species destroy habitat and alter the landscape. Equally troublesome is that fewer and fewer people are getting out to fish, hunt or spend time outdoors. If we want to change the trends, we must ensure that high quality resources are available and ready for enjoyment", said Pat Conzemius, Wildlife Forever Conservation Director.

Outdoor recreation generates $646 billion for the American economy. Participation by the 140 million people who spend money on outdoor activities is 100% voluntary. At risk, if access to the outdoors becomes a barrier, will be 150 years of conservation. The Clean Drain Dry Initiative educates all recreational users to clean equipment, drain water from boats/trailers and dry gear thoroughly to help reduce the risk of transporting plants, animals and diseases. Empowering simple prevention messaging will go a long way to ensure the future of our outdoor economy and sporting heritage.

Throughout North America, many state and federal agencies use customized taglines and catch phrases like "Don't Move a Mussel" to draw attention to invasive species prevention. However, Clean Drain and Dry are the recognized Best Management Practices to prevent the spread. By featuring this positive, understandable message first, CD2 consistently showcases behavior changing actions that are intended to be cobranded with other taglines: Do your part to Clean Drain Dry "Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers."

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