MHX Flippin' Blanks FP Series

Build the right rod for your flipping or pitching or needs with MHX blanks.

Finally, after 18-months of prototype testing, MHX released these blanks in the fall of 2014.

It has been a long time coming for these rods, and for us flippin’ and pitchin’ fools, we couldn’t be happier. What MHX has done is update the SWB-956 and SWB-967 series blanks to something faster and heavier. You’ll now find the ‘FP’ for flippin’ and pitching in the FP936-MHX 7-foopt, 9-inch X-Heavy, and the FP937-MHX 7-foot, 9-inch XX-Heavy. These babies will fit all your short-cast needs.

These blanks just sound delicious! If you haven’t flipped before, or if you have and didn’t really enjoy it, the rod could have been the problem easily played a roll in that. Like everything else in fishing, your rods are ridiculously important—and even more so when you’re getting only a few bits a day while making a million and a half flips.

You do not want to press forward with all that time, energy and work to miss a fish because your rod isn't heavy enough. Check out these blanks, and what Chris Adams MHX fishing team member has to say. Chris has been flipping Florida’s lakes for a substantial amount of time and has invested a tremendous amount of time to perfecting his every flip.

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