Top Plastic Pick: New Havoc Pit Boss Jr.

One of my go-to bass baits over the past several years has been the 4-inch Berkley Havoc Pit Boss—and for good reason!

Seems anywhere there’s crawfish, the Pit Boss just plain catches fish, whether rigged Texas-style, Ika, Carolina or Mojo.

The Pit Boss also makes a great jig trailer—and is available in a wide selection of colors to match whatever bass forage is present. Me, I never leave home without both sides of the color continuum (and a few patterns in the middle): from standard Green Pumpkin for clear waters to Black-Blue. Other standouts have been Bama Bug, June Bug, and Perfection Blue Fleck.

That’s why I was excited to see Berkley expand the line of Skeet Reese-designed baits with a 3-inch version called the Pit Boss Jr.

What this means is bass anglers can now get the same fish-catching profile and action but in a downsized version for tough bites and pressured waters.

Plus, the new diminutive profile means you can also fish it on spinning gear as a drop shot bait or shakey head—or as bass fishing finesse guru Ned Kehde recommends – impaled on a Mushroom-style jig head with the hook exposed.

The Pit Boss Jr. is available in 25 different colors and sold in packages of 10 baits. Retail: $3.49.

Although not the “Jr.” version, the action is consistent in sizes from the Jr. up through the Papa Pit Boss. Watch the underwater action:

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