Pattern Faster With Humminbird SmartStrike

New software for your fishing electronics almost finds the fish for you.

Whether you’re a tournament angler or a weekend warrior, we all wish we had more time on the water. Now imagine a software program on your Humminbird ONIX or ION unit that actually helped you locate and pattern fish by entering a few key details on the screen.

As Doug demonstrates in this video shot on the Osage Arm of Truman Lake, based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, weather conditions, etc., SmartStrike will highlight areas of high-definition Humminbird LakeMaster waters where fish are likely to be located, minimizing time-consuming searches. It will also “Find Similar Areas,” which means it’ll match areas where you catch fish with other areas like it on the map. This all amounts to minimal guesswork, searching or wasted casting.

Build your own custom search based on whatever criteria you choose. Or click on any location on a lake, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other areas like the one you selected. The SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges, aspect, type of structure, proximity to major types of lake structure, and more to quickly reveal your results.


  • Season
  • Time of day
  • Water conditions
  • Cloud cover
  • Wind
  • Depth
  • Structure
  • Slope
  • Aspect
  • Sun & current exposure

SmartStrike SD map cards are compatible with the new Humminbird ONIX and ION Series. Humminbird SmartStrike full-search functionality is exclusive to Humminbird LakeMaster high-definition waters.

Here’s another cool example that shows that SmartStrike does more than largemouth bass! Watch Bill Carson dial in striped bass on waters he knows well, but finds stripers in an entirely new spot … predicted by Humminbird SmartStrike!

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