Smooth Moves Ultra Suspension Seats

Ride softly and save your back for when you need it most.

This winter I spent a lot of time on the ice and my back reminded me of it for about a week after finishing up my season. The boat is no different, if not much worse. Having something that can help cushion the blows of a boat crashing up and down is a big deal, young or old.

Smooth Moves has recently launched a new suspension seat that improved upon their original design. The Ultra model is more compact and fits entirely under the seat and makes it much easier to fit into a given space.

A heavier duty pedestal replaces most stock pedestals and in most cases no additional holes or drilling are required.

I think the biggest misconception is that you need to fish in big waves and nasty weather to justify a suspension seat. I believe that the small choppy waves, which provide a constant light jarring are actually worse on our bodies than big rollers.

A simple adjustment handle allows you to increase or decrease tension depending on the passenger’s weight and a slide allows to get closer or farther away from the console.

Another nice improvement is an easy to adjust knob that allows the suspension to raise or lower the seat. Aside from this few inches of travel different size pedestals can be ordered if you like to sit higher or lower in the seat.

The universal bracket that is provided fits nearly all boat seats and the entire system can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

As I get ready to rig my new boat this week I often think of items that I can do without and things that need to be there. If you ever ride in a boat with true suspension seats you won’t want to be in one without one—they have really increased my daily and seasonal endurance. Check them out!

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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