What Attacked This Trout?

A pair of anglers fishing Wisconsin’s Brule River over the weekend caught a steelhead that bore an unusual wound.

One look at Jordan Korzenowski’s and Brian Bergeson’s Facebook pages and it’s clear that the fly fishing partners had a great day on Wisconsin’s famed Brule River over the weekend.

Each of the fishermen posted photos of gorgeous brown trout and steelhead they’d caught and released, including these images (below) of a steelie that had obviously made a recent escape from a hungry predator. The pair isn’t exactly sure what sort of animal caused the wounds, but judging from their size and depth, the fishermen speculate that an eagle might have tried and failed to procure a fish dinner. Though an attack by a pike or muskie isn't out of the question, such wounds on a steelhead in that river are rare, they say.

Though the wounds look ghastly, Korzenowski noted in his Facebook post, “The fish was still doing its job of migrating…”

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