Choose The Right Raingear

Not much is worse that being soaked to the bone and leaving the lake early because you’re chilled.

Choosing fishing apparel is pretty straightforward when you’re blessed with calm seas and clear skies. But when the skies open up and rains of Biblical proportions are thrown in the mix, having the right raingear can save the day.

Surprisingly, otherwise astute anglers often overlook the importance of carrying a rainsuit that will keep them comfortable and fishing effectively while protecting them from foul weather. Just ask veteran fishing guides and decorated touring pros Scott and Marty Glorvigen.

“Back when I guided, it amazed me that clients would show up at the dock toting expensive tackle, but their only insurance against bad weather was a $3.99 snap-on poncho,” says Scott. “If it got nasty, their day would be over. So I always packed extra raingear, and I can’t begin to count how many times it saved the day.”

Unfortunately, since the market is awash in options, choosing the right raingear an intimidating task. “I keep it simple and start with a brand I trust,” Marty advises. “Next, I look for critical features that can mean the difference between staying dry and getting soaked.”

Smart options include windproof yet breathable fabric and waterproofing membranes; gusseted knees and sleeves; adjustable cuffs; an oversized hood to comfortably accommodate a cap or helmet; storm flaps over zippers; and enough well-placed pockets to hold pliers and other necessities.

Simms new Contender GTX Jacket is a prime example. Its GORE-TEX shell offers 100 percent water- and windproof performance. Plus, it has all the key features that allow you to fish hard, even in extremely wet conditions.

One final thought on gearing up for monsoon season. While there are many fine brick-and-mortar and online retail options for buying raingear, be sure to check the websites of other manufacturers in the fishing industry as well. Sometimes you can find discounts on co-branded clothing that lets you sport the logos of your favorite boat and tackle brands, while getting a great deal.

For example, throughout April, Lund Boats is offering Lund-branded Simms raingear at 10 percent off. Finding sales like this is just one more way to avoid getting soaked this season.

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