Researching Water From Home Base

Here’s the best way to create a personal and private, interactive fishing report. Technology is great!

As a tournament angler, I’m always looking for ways to utilize my time on the water in the most effective way possible. When prefishing, this means covering the most amount of water as quickly and effectively as possible.

With the technology that is available now, both tournament anglers and weekend warriors can conduct extensive research prior to even leaving the house!

Using online maps, such as Google Earth can provide valuable insight on a specific lake or river. But if you are looking to really dive in a little deeper I would suggest a mapping program that shows the lakes/rivers depth contour lines and other important information—I love Humminbird Contour Elite.

Besides showing the depth contours (which is critical), this software allows you to input waypoints so you look for other areas on the same body of water with similar attributes. Or, even better, you can search for fishing locations by fish species, structure or a custom search that you put together based on a few specific criteria. Kinda like a virtual and private fishing report.

By doing all of this homework ahead of time success will be inevitable.

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