Spy Baiting Beats Tough Bass

When the bass get tough and won’t commit to anything, a tactic that Japanese anglers use will grab the attention of tight-lipped bass.

Some of the most productive bass techniques (and baits) to hit U.S. waters have Japanese origins. The “spy baiting” aka “supabeiting” aka “I-motion” technique is no exception.

One proven bait in the category is the Jackall I-Prop75S , a sinking dual-prop job designed to elicit strikes in cold, clear or high-pressured waters. The I-Prop features precision balancing for horizontal orientation, hook placement that resist prop interference and inner-scale design for realistic minnow-like flash.

Facing a tough bite in cold or clear waters? Give spy baiting a shot! Here are 60 seconds of tips on how to fish ‘em from our buddies over at Wired2Fish!

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