Keep That Reel Runnin' Longer

A poorly maintained fishing reel could cost you dearly, and chances are good it’ll happen when it matters most. Don’t be that guy.

Reel maintenance is a given for anglers of all types. If you want your gear to last not only through the season, let alone year after year. Keeping it clean and well maintained will insure a long life, and many fish battles.

I begin by removing the spool and making sure there is no debris that could negatively affect gear connection and performance. I also like to use a Q-Tip and clean the line guide as that’s where gunk often builds up. As I’m putting everything back together, I like to add a few drops of oil on the moving parts such as the bearings. I’ll finish up with putting some grease in the gears and the line guide bar.

Make sure the reel handle is tight with no wiggle room!

Keeping up on this preventative maintenance before you hit the water will prevent an equipment malfunction when it matters most.

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