Angler Stereotypes: Which Are You?

We all have habits, good and bad. But how our fishing buddies perceive those habits is what make fishing very interesting. How about these guys?

The guys from Dude Perfect hit the nail on the head with this hilarious fishing stereotypes video!

Man, some of these hit way too close to home! C’mon, be honest. There’s a little bit these characters in how we all fish!

  • The “it’s all about the angle” guy
  • Frat boys
  • Captain Hook and his dangerous backcast
  • The dude who can’t bear the thought of touching his own catch
  • The “overesti-baiter”
  • The rage monster (Man, I love this guy!)
  • Mr. Excuses
  • The dreaded Duck Lady
  • The angler who catches everything but a fish … including Hot Pockets!
  • The fish kisser (thank you very much, Mr. Houston)
  • The “fish hear everything” guy
  • The tree magnet
  • The line crosser

And everybody knows at least one Lucky Lure Larry!

Here’s an experiment. Which guy are YOU? How ‘bout your fishing buddies? Post a pic on the NAF Facebook page and tell us why.

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