Protect Your Net—And Your Boat

This simple landing-net life hack could save you big bucks!

The saying that “pennies can save you dollars” definitely applies to fishing. A big one for me has always been how landing nets can damage your boat. Higher quality nets often have a large metal yoke with sharp edges, and the cheap landing nets typically have sheet metal screws, all of which scratch the hell out of a boat gunnel.

More than a decade ago, Beckman offered a cloth piece to fit over the yoke. Not easy to find in today’s day and age.

Big Papa Sportfishing is known for custom pieces to solve dilemma’s, such as this padded net protector. The net protector attached with Velcro over the Yoke of most nets and stays in place even while netting a fish.

Unlike its earlier predecessor the Big Papa net protector has foam stitched into it to in order to extend its life and provide more protection.

This does wonders protecting the hull from dropped nets, and the times when it slides across the gunnel.

It’s cheap insurance to keep all of your gear in tip-top shape and keeps you from having to visiting a fiberglass repairman or touchup the paint on your aluminum boat.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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