Hungry Anglers Devour World Record Barracuda

It wasn’t until after the chef began turning the giant fish into a delicious ceviche that the anglers thought to check the record book.

While fishing Costa Rica’s beautiful and fish-filled waters out of Crocodile Bay Lodge with a group from Boston Whaler boats, long-time angler Dennis Tilden hooked a monster Pacific barracuda. So big was the fish, according to an account on Crocodile Bay’s website, the boat captain remarked that it was the largest barracuda he’d ever seen.

That didn’t register with the angler until it was too late, however. Having weighed it on the dock scale at just under 32 pounds, and content with winning the day’s big-fish honors, Tilden turned the barracuda over to the kitchen staff.

Later, recalling the boat captain’s words, he checked the International Game Fish Association’s record book, only to find that the organization’s all-tackle world record for the species was just 28 pounds.

Tilden missed a chance to enter the record book, but he and his partners enjoyed a world-record meal.

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