Fishing’s Funniest Man

Although Bill Dance typically gets props for being fishing’s funniest, there’s a new kid in town.

His name is Hank. Hank Patterson, the self-proclaimed world-renowned fly fishing guide, high school graduate, calligraphy and terracotta expert … among other incredible and esoteric talents.

And ask me, the funniest man in fishing. I’ve been following him for several years and his video bits just keep getting better and better.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you to these vids with your buddies and a sixer. It’s ROFLMAO stuff. Like this one, where Hank discusses the “ménage a midge.”

Yep, there’s a lot of truth in his words. At times, too much.

But it’s about flippin’ time someone poked fun at the we-take-ourselves-way-too-serious world of fly fishing. And yes, I’m also a fly fisherman. I have the SIMMS ball cap to prove it. But I guess bass guys wear those now, too.

Anyway, did I mention Hank has a new video out with the most attractive (and similarly talented and fish-whispering-gifted) angler in the sport?

Yep, none other than British Columbia-based guide April Vokey, whose off-the-wall big fish tactics are legendary. Gotta love anyone crazy enough to sling dries for chrome.

"Sensei" (Trailer) - Official Selection, IF4™ 2015 from IF4™ on Vimeo.

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