Walleyes For Wounded Heroes

Giving back to those that serve our country and communities though fishing is a great way to rehabilitate and encourage. Here’s how you can get involved.

Many of those who serve the local communities and our country through the military, police or fireman also enjoy the outdoors. The Walleyes for Wounded Heroes is a newer organization that is dedicated to providing the necessary structure to get these servicemen and women out on the water.

The organization provides an expense-free trip for military Purple Heart recipients, as well as disabled police, fire and EMT folks. The events begin with a get-together in Port Clinton, Ohio followed up with a couple days of walleye fishing on famed Lake Erie for giant walleyes. Lodging and meals are also provided for the heroes at no charge.

This year’s event takes place June 24-27, and anyone who is able to provide time or donations is highly appreciated—events like these do require time and money, and those that contribute are to be thanked for what they make possible.

Find Walleyes for Wounded Heroes on Facebook

You can also contact them at osb108@aol.com for information on fundraising events including gun raffles, parties and fish fries.

There is something said for the healing powers that a day on the lake can provide like no other.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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