Build A Fishing Kayak Trailer—CHEAP

Kayak angling is here to stay. It’s affordable, it’s fun and it’s very unique, just to name a few reasons. But, here are a few more worth noting.

First, you can get to hard-to-reach waters with ‘yaks, places a lot boats just can’t reach. That means putting into lakes without launches, and portaging over land into virtually untouched waters.

Secondly, they’re inexpensive (when compared to bass boats).

And third, they can be creatively rigged with high-tech electronics, live wells, rod holders … even in-hull trolling motors. Like the new Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota. Super cool.

Of course, once you buy a fishing kayak, you need to figure out how to transport it. For some guys, that’s not an issue. Throw it in the back of the truck; problem fixed.

But for owners of smaller vehicles, it can be a problem. Sure, there are roof racks and such, but many of them are spendy, especially one-man designs that help lift the weight of the kayak. Definitely awesome … but not inexpensive.

A better investment might be a dedicated kayak trailer, which can be built for under $400, including registration (at least in Texas) – and is lightweight enough to pull behind anything street legal.

How’s that possible? Watch the video and find out.

Getting out the elbow grease? Make sure to watch this video, too.

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