Creating A Fish Frenzy

The sound that makes fish eat has become a tool that savvy anglers run with regularity!

I used to own a fish aquarium maintenance company that would set up and maintain both saltwater and freshwater aquariums for business lobbies throughout the Twin Cities. I learned how sound traveled underwater and what that meant to fish survival. In fact, I could physically hear a fish eating on the outside of the tank. I could hear how the sounds of other fish eating, stimulated the larger dominant fish in the tank to start eating as well.

When a product like Hydrowave came along, I was sold before ever testing one. I knew it would havea place in the fishing world, similar to duck calls in the hunting world. I knew this tool would play a role in not only the bass-fishing world, but Not only did I know these devices would have their effects on bass, but it would certainly work for walleyes, pike and muskie!

In this video, Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Seth Feider and myself, took to a local Twin Cities lake and put on the show in the multi-species department. If you like big pike, walleyes and of course, largemouth bass, this is the video for you!

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