Brandon Card’s Favorite Frogging Water!

It’s froggin’ time, Fishermen! And no lure in your tackle box generates more excitement than a frog.

Pro bass angler Brandon Card is one of the top frog men on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour. He rode a hollow-bodied frog to a fifth place finish on the Mississippi River in 2013.

He knows that finding a bass’s favorite frog-leg restaurant is the first key to success.

Although you can catch bass around all types of cover – and even in open water situations—Card’s favorite froggin’ locations feature matted vegetation with a mix of duck weed, that floating mossy algae found in waters throughout the North and South.

“Duck weed is real thin, and you can walk a frog through it,” notes Card. “Yet it is thick enough to provide the fish with a canopy—cover over their heads.”

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