Fishing Funny: Oddball Shore Lunch

Better check your pulse if you don’t start salivating at the utterance of the two sacred words “shore” and “lunch.”

But here’s a real curve ball to the Canadian standard, captured on cell phone video while taking a break on fly-in muskie factory, Kay Lake, Ontario.

It involves creative powerhouse Fishing Hall of Fame photographer Bill Lindner (yes, that’s Ron Lindner’s son), his key grip “Hotsy”, and Jon Duschane of Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts.

And me … located safely behind the cell phone camera.

So why kimchi, the fermented cabbage loved by so many Koreans, Japanese and other Pacific Rim peoples?

Because it tastes good … and brings good luck.

And when you’re hunting big muskies, you need any help you can get.

Watch as Bill improvises a suitable substitute to chopsticks, definitely a first in the world of muskie baits, muskie fishing, and the very definitions of shore lunch.

Gotta love the behind-the-scenes workings of fishing video, photography and story production …


Not really, but a whole lot of fun!

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