11 Tips For Fantastic Father’s Day Fishing

NAF friend and contributor shares a video from Father's Day past, plus some good tips to making a fishing outing work on Dad's Day.

I look forward to Father’s Day each year, another chance to get my kids in the boat for some fishing and fun.

But here’s the deal: When you take kids fishing, its their fishing trip, not yours.

What I mean by that, guys, is do your absolute best to make it a fun and positive experience. Father’s Day is probably not the time to make them sit in walleye chop soaking a rig or the time to toss giant blades for muskies. Read: family fishing is not a spectator sport. Nobody—especially your kids—wants to watch your sorry behind fish like you’re competing at a Bass Elite event, brow furrowed, head craned to read electronics … no talking, no fun.

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That said, here are some tips I’ve learned over the years that make fishing a lot more fun for kids and parents!

  1. Be patient. Remember, even us old salts get our baits snagged or the occasional wind knot … or two. Take time to explain to kids how to fish better, but don’t chastise them for experiencing the same little difficulties we all face as anglers.
  2. Occasionally set your rod down and coach them, patting them on the back when someone makes a great cast!
  3. Bring lots of healthy snacks, water and sports drinks. Take breaks to refuel throughout the day.
  4. Bring sunscreen and bug repellant.
  5. Keep the boat clean and free of clutter. That way, nobody will be tripping over or breaking things.
  6. Teach kids about the wildlife you see – we have a blast identifying and talking about the different kinds of birds we see on the water. Plus, this will come in handy once you get your kids into the duck blind.
  7. Take lots of photos and short videos for grandma and grandpa – like the above short video shot on Father’s Day last year!
  8. If kids need to use the bathroom – especially girls – let them know that they have a choice to hang it over the side or go into shore. Girls appreciate the choice. Boys, on the the other hand, are little more flexible.
  9. Plan the outing for lots of catching, less looking. Of course, that means a little pre-fishing for dad the day or night before! Panfish or bass make for great action.
  10. If panfishing, don’t be afraid to bring some live bait – crappie minnows, leeches, ‘crawlers … Although we don’t really need live bait to catch panfish, kids are fascinated with it. Often, my girls will take a break to play with minnows in the Frabill bait bucket when the action slows.
  11. Have lots of fun! And remember to post your Father’s Day fishing pics and memories to the North American Fisherman’s Facebook page!

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