Tyler Kapela Catches His First-Ever Chinook Salmon

North American Fisherman host Tyler Kapela made a journey up to the far reaches of British Columbia and caught his first-ever Chinook salmon.

Tyler and the rest of the NAF-TV crew head out to remote British Columbia in style, by flying in a fancy helicopter. Then they get royal treatment at the five star Peregrine Lodge fancy food 1 to 1 guest to staff ratio--this place has it all. Beyond the fancy transportation and amazing amenities Tyler has one thing on his mind... catching his first-ever chinook salmon off the pristine Haida Gwaii Island. He accomplishes this task with the help of fishing guide Jorgen Anderson.

The Chinook salmon also known as a king salmon is the largest species of salmon in the Pacific Ocean. They are notorious for being tough fighters, fun to catch and ultimately tasty to eat. They're a truly a prize catch for any fisherman.  

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