ABA Championship - Success without a Motor

Some of the craftiest tournament anglers are the guys forced to fish without their big motor.

It happens at probably every fishing tournament - outboard failure. Some fixes are so quick the anglers may only lose an hour or two from the bite. Other ones are more terminal - like our friend Tony Tidwell here. We caught up with him fishing a quiet inlet not far from the launch of the 2015 American Bass Anglers AFT Championship. It wasn't surprising to find him there given the top speed of a trolling motor.

Tony is adjusting his tactics as all tournament anglers do in these cases, and he's finding a few fish. This is an admittedly slow bite for Lake Hartwell, especially for late October. The three fish he has in the box are small but crucial as he pecks and scratches amidst his obvious handicap. It's early, though, and day two is looking up for this veteran ABA scrapper. Bear in mind that many of the 270 boats in this free-for-all came in with only one fish as he did on day one.

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