Hogfish & Grouper

No, Hogfish and Grouper aren't a detective team, but these two captains become detectives as they read the bite to determine what's below them.

Hogfish & Grouper kinda sounds like a detective team from the '70's, and when you put two saltwater captains together out on the flats they become detectives and WILL find their fish.

Tyler Kapela is fishing with Capt. Jason Stock, and hogfish is the order of the day. Of course, they'll tell you that's only where it begins, as all the fish below begin to get lit up and other species get involved. "The show" as they call it, really gets going beneath them.

The guys decide it's time to go after grouper after windmilling in a few hogs. Speaking of hogs, the goliath grouper fit that description pretty well. These bruisers are the last bit of fun for these two young salts, just before bringing their catch to of hogfish to a local restaurant to cap off the day.


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