The Christmas Lake Story

Clean Drain Dry is more than just a mantra around Christmas Lake in Minnesota. It's the law.

After becoming infested with Eurasion water milfoil, the lake association here pushed for mandatory boat inspections to keep out other invasives such as zebra mussels and spiny water flea.

They understodd the gravity of passively allowing boaters to unwittingly bring unwanted organisms into their fishery.

The result is a program that pays for inspectors to monitor the public access and help prevent further infestations. While it may not be totally foolproof, the measures are so effective the Minnesota legislature followed through with a law giving local units of government the right to fund inspection programs for lakes if they so choose.

Some take issue with the inconvenience, but all agree that the time has come to step up awareness before it's too late for prevention. Ou fisheries are too precious a resource to put at risk.

It's just one more battleground in the never-ending fight with the Silent Invaders.

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