Low Tech Intel

Sometimes you can feel like a turtle on your back without all your electronics.

Okay, so most of us have advanced electronics and mapping on our phones to guide us on the water these days. But what about those occasions when your electronics fail you, or you have no cell service? We have become all too dependent on these high-tech tools.

It's back to the basics in these cases, and one of those avenues is the low tech intel you can get from local bait shops. Bass pro Karen Savik shares how she approaches new water with paper maps (remember those?) and then reading the signs provided by mother nature from there.

It' a good exercise even when you do have working electronics. Pick the brain of locals and pick up a map you can use without batteries and stash in your boat for future reference. It's always worked in the past, so don't forget to sharpen your skills without always using your electronic crutches.

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