Kentucky Lake Showdown

Ever feel like you had a target on your back? This team does, and they need to find fish on the final day.

There's nothing like heading out on Day 3 with a target on your back. That's where Joel Rumsey and Keith Himes found themselves at the 2015 Triton Owners' Tournament on Kentucky Lake.

They're going out in third and need five good bites to seal the deal. It was complicated by a 40-mile run to their "A" spot, and luckily no one else was sitting on it. It was a good call as the spot produced, but would it be enough to win the whole thing? 

Every year Triton Boats holds this tournament for anyone who owns one of their boats. There is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes given away and plenty of Triton Elite Series pros onhand, as well as Triton founder Earl Bentz. 

If you drive a Triton, there's still time to sign up! It's May 19-21, 2016 on Kentucky Lake. Come join the Triton family reunion and possibly collect a nice check like Rumsey and Himes did!

Here's an overview from 2015:

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