Water Quality & Quantity Issues

Preserving our fisheries is an issue we as anglers can ALL agree on.

North American Fisherman addresses all the issues surrounding our fisheries in this segment of Doc Talk. Fisheries biologist Dr. Hal Schramm celebrates the improvements and points out the challenges that still face us as anglers.

While we've made good strides, water quality issues still make over a third of our lakes and rivers unfishable and unswimmable. Invasive species are also being addressed, but still threaten native species in many of our waterways. Fishing is being zoned out of areas that are being developed for recreation, often to the detriment of the fish habitat.

Through it all, fish habitat is the number one component we need to protect. As anglers, we can help educate others on the importance of keeping riparian zones around lakes and rivers free from fertilizers and pesticides. We can also get involved and pay attention local efforts to protect habitat and get friends to join the fight.

Remember - it's good for the fish, it's good for the fishing!

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