Wisconsin Bronzebacks

This FLW pro fishes walleyes for money, but smallies for FUN.

FLW Pro Tom Keenan invited North American Fisherman to sample his favorite smallie lake in north central Wisconsin. He wouldn't divulge the actual name of the lake for fear of overfishing. After less than two hours of action we understood why. 

The first cast yields a slab that is indicative of this fishery, and the fun continues from there. He and Steve enjoy a rapport that is infectious as they work their way around this modest-sized body of water. It reminds us all that fishing should be about having FUN.

The cribs and boulders produced on grubs and tubes over and over. The guys reveal their favorite colors for sunny and cloudy days on this gin-clear water. The rocky bottom provides perfect habitat for the spring bite, so if you know a lake that fits this description, go get 'em! There's a reason that Tom fishes walleyes for money, and smallmouth for fun.

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