Watch: Florida Man Catches 400-pound Fish with a Wrench

A Florida man makes the catch of a lifetime in an uncommon way.

Ryan Hein of St. Petersburg, FL, caught a monstrous, 400-pound Goliath grouper last week near Tampa Bay. What makes this story so incredible isn't just the size of his catch, but the way in which he caught it.

Hein didn't use a typical lure to snag in his catch - he used a No. 11 Stanley wrench. Hein said he was looking for a cheap way to make a jig and admitted he never expected to make a catch of that size. The grouper got some measure of revenge by chomping down on Hein's hand when he jumped into the water to release it. Hein suffered only a mild cut and was able to release his catch without any further altercation.

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