A Cold Pre-Spawn Bite

This is one of those early trips that is hardly a slam dunk. The real win is in getting pre-spawn fish to go at all. Mission accomplished

The first fishing trip out in a boat in northern Minnesota is often a chilly experience. Admittedly it's not the best time to fish, but cabin fever generally drives anglers to try their luck early and dust off their gear.

For the North American Fisherman crew this one was certainly no exception. The early bite was complicated by a cold front that made it even dicier to find fish. But hey, we've got a show to do so we soldiered on. As usual, Steve figured it out by covering enough water, and the smallies came out to play just off one of the grassy points. He shares the gear and techniques he used to help you dial in your own early bite.

His guest Pat Rivers of the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership offered his perspective on the importance of habitat on the overall health of our fisheries. Preserving habitat preserves fishing for future generations. Who can't get behind that?

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