Jigging Up Bruisers

When is the last time you vertical jigged in 90 feet of water?

Here's a unique bite from a deep hole in a BIG lake.

Scott Boos of the Northwest Angle Guide Service played host to the North American Fisherman crew way up on Lake of the Woods. He showed us a vertical jig bite like no other.

We're talking about coaxing fish off a shelf over 90 feet down. And not just any fish - these are among the biggest that the big lake offers - huge lake trout. They are probably the oldest fish in the lake, thanks partly to the barbless hook requirement.

Scott brought us to the spot on the spot where you fish the walls of this underwater cavern with surgical precision or you don't get bit. It requires a bit of patience but the rewards are some of the most gratifying you'll find on the water anywhere. 

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