Cape Cod Mermaid Draws Wrath

Is this denizen of the deep offensive?


Everyone loves these sirens of the deep.

Their beauty is legendary as is their power over men

But a mermaid in Yarmouth, Massachusetts may have a little too much power over men.

And she’s also drawn the wrath of some…well…perhaps envious women.

The unidentified denizen of the deep can be found just outside of Salty’s restaurant and is one of 41 sand sculptures placed around town as part of the annual Yarmouth Summer Celebration.

The problem comes from her breasts which some find to be rather large.

Restaurant manager Tiffany Roy defended the sculpture to the Daily Online Mail saying, “Some women out there do have large breasts — it's like going to the beach and seeing a woman in a bikini.”

The complaints have mostly been Internet based although some have complained about the mermaid’s assets to the local Chamber of Commerce.

What do you think of this mermaid?

Is she too large up top for public display or do some folks need to just chill out?

And don’t we have bigger things to worry about in this country than a mermaid’s chest?

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