Bedfishing for Bass - The Facts

Does bedfishing cause irreparable harm to the bass population?

Bedfishing has long been a point of contention among anglers. The males that are guarding eggs and fry are pulled off their nest, and predation of their young is never far behind.

Removing that bass will lead to near total loss of those young, but putting that bass back quickly and not fighting it too long are two key factors to successful ethical bedfishing tactics that help protect the resource. It's up to us anglers.

According to fisheries biologist Dr. Hal Schramm, the data from a study he conducted in Florida showed that bedfishing had no effect on the health or numbers of the year class. There are also no examples of such evidence in any other studies according to Dr. Schramm.

So next spring go ahead and catch those big largemouth from the beds. Just don't keep them long, and remember; It's good for the fish, it's good for the fishing

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