Tiger Sharks Love…

NAF Editor Gayne C. Young hears a fishing tale he regrets listening to!

I was helping a friend that sells fishing trips in the Amazon by working his booth part time at the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas last week.

This guy comes up to me and starts asking about shark fishing.

I tell him that there are no sharks in the Amazon.

He nods as if he understands me then proceeds to tell me about all the sharks he catches in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas.

I nod and smile and listen politely when he relays the following:

“Yeah, the biggest shark I dun caught was a 13 foot tiger off Corpus Christi. I caught him right there off the beach. Me and my buddy kayaked the bait way out.  Like, maybe 100 yards or so and then had some beer and waited n' fore we knew it we had us a 13 footer on the other end of the line. I knew we'd catch something big though using the bait I did on a'count’a we used a dead cat.”

“A dead cat?” I asked.

“Yeah, a dead cat. See I have me another friend that dun ran over a cat in front of my house and I seen it there on the road and I said to myself that I best put that in the freezer so I can use it sometime because you never know, you know? And I used it that day we went out shark fishing.  I put ‘bout three hooks in that kitty n’ threw them out there real far n’ that's how I done got that 13 footer.”

I smiled politely and said, “Please don't tell that story to anybody else.  It doesn’t paint anglers in the best light.”

"Who painting what in what light?

"Never mind.”

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