Harris Hill Muskies

NAF Staff Writer Jim Saric heads to Lake of the Woods for some high-powered musky action!

Lake of the Woods is commonly known as lake of the muskies, given it’s many musky spots and seemingly endless supply of muskies.   However, many musky anglers ignore the southern portion of Lake of the Woods in favor of the more popular Sabaskong Bay area or the Northwest Angle areas.  The southern portion of the lake may be overlooked, but it’s loaded with muskies.  That means you have many muskies awaiting your favorite lures!

Last season we filmed an episode at Harris Hill Resort.

Harris Hill is located approximately 20 miles north of Baudette, MN.  It has incredible cabins, it’s own boat launch, and a great boat docking system.  All the

amenities any musky angler requires.

The one thing that is different about the southern portion of Lake of the Woods compared to others is that the islands are much larger.  So, it’s not a matter of just fishing around a smaller island or focusing on the southwestern portion of the island to find muskies.   As you drive by the large islands you’ll notice a variety of musky-holding areas.  There are bays, rocky points and transition areas in-between.

While filming we selected an area that had a large sandy bay, a transition area and then a distinct rocky point.   We systematically worked from the bay towards the point and ended up having a follow in the bay and catching a musky in the transition area.  We continued to look at the map and select several similar spots, as we tried to determine the area(s) holding active muskies.  During the first afternoon and evening we realized that the muskies were in the sandy bays and the transition areas, but were not utilizing the points.  Right before dark my fishing partner John Mich managed to catch a beautiful 50 inch musky from a bay, leaving us pretty confident for the next day.

Waking up to sunny and windy conditions we were excited to fish, however, it was quite evident that the wind was not going to let us fish the areas that produced muskies the day before.  So, our approach was to simply fish the same type of structural elements on the opposite side of a couple large islands.  Given the large size of the islands, the advantage of fishing this area is you can find wind-protected sections.   As we continued to fish sandy bays and rocky transition areas, we continued to locate and catch muskies and by days end we had caught six more muskies and completed and awesome episode of The Musky Hunter television show.

The muskies were all over bucktails and topwater lures, which made it evident they hadn’t seen many musky lures.  So, if you love to fish Lake of the Woods, or are just looking for a musky adventure where there isn’t a lot of fishing pressure, Harris Hill Resort and the southern portion of Lake of the Woods is for you.

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