Kayak fishing in the Amazon!

A new spin on fishing the Amazon!

Acute Angling focuses its efforts on finding and providing the extreme and exotic adventure fishing experiences that are fast disappearing from our planet. We go where others can't or won't to give anglers the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind Amazon wilderness fishing adventure. Now we’ve added another dimension to our already exciting adventures – kayak fishing in the Amazon.

Catching a powerful peacock bass, pugnacious payara or massive Amazon catfish is incredibly exciting, no matter how you approach it. So, imagine the intensity of experiencing this extreme level of freshwater fishing up close and personal from a kayak! It is, simply put, the ultimate combination of primeval wilderness paddle-sport with exotic species angling. For the first time ever, during our 2016 / 2017 fishing season, Acute Angling will offer kayak fishing as an option on all of its regularly scheduled Amazon fishing trips. We will be using fully equipped Ascend FS10 Sit-In Angling Kayaks. A trained fishing guide with a motorized back-up boat and complete resources will always be as near at hand as you wish, to help with tackle, techniques, navigation and any other assistance needed.

Here’s what one of our clients, (who brought his own inflatable kayak last year and set us to working on this new trip feature) said about his Amazon kayak fishing adventure on our Rio Travessao multi-species variety trip;

“Hey Guys. I’m glad you are going to be pioneering the kayak experience, making it easily available to all clients. Getting my kayak down last year there was no easy task…but boy was it worth it. Now, everything will be ready and waiting when anglers arrive. My experience went something like this: We get up at sunrise, my guide takes me ten miles upriver in our fishing boat. I slide into my kayak as the guide moves the aluminum bass boat away … then abruptly comes back and shakes my hand like he will never see me again. Wow! This is surreal! All alone...200 miles from civilization. I’m a little uneasy. Then, on my very first cast I hook a monster Rio Travessao fast water Peacock … It pulls the kayak around like it’s nothing. The feeling of landing it all by myself with no guide is exhilarating.”

“For a while afterwards, I just drifted, taking it all in … Me and the river …. howler monkeys, caiman, river otters, hundreds of butterflies, macaws, a toucan … things you wouldn’t readily see if you were in a noisy motorboat. The guys in the bass boats may have caught a few more fish, but they missed out on the experience of a lifetime. This one day was worth the whole trip and will forever be etched in my memories as the best day of my life! Totally Awesome! Thank you! This separates the men from the boys :)”   Sandy Blauvelt, TX.

Acute Angling utilizes three trip implementation systems to ensure access to almost any kind of aquatic environment. We will provide kayak fishing options in each of them. Although spanning a broad range of accommodation types, they all provide comfortable, roomy cabins, private bathrooms, hot showers and individual air-conditioners.  In spite of the extremely remote locations, Acute Angling is able to provide electricity, full service kitchens, elegant meals, open bar, stable conventional fishing boats, motors, and experienced guides for their angling clients … and now we’ve added the excitement of kayak fishing!

Our fly-in floating bungalow camp takes you away from the crowds. This comfortable, mobile operation can range throughout a river system, ensuring that we find the best waters at any time and that you have access to fresh regions every time the camp moves. Like all of our operations, the cabins feature air-conditioning, private bathrooms and hot showers. Here, kayak anglers can paddle their way down calm lowlands rivers and fish in placid lagoons and backwaters. But that’s where the peacefulness ends! Once you hook up with a big, psychotic peacock bass, you’ll understand why kayak fishing is more like hand-to-hand combat than anything you’ll experience on a big bass boat.

Our Exotic Species Lodge on Picapau Island in the protected Rio Travessao also provides all of the comfort and amenities of our other trips, but in the middle of a vast, untouched, primeval wilderness. This exclusive fishery features an amazing array of the fierce fishes of the Amazon; Saber-toothed payara; giant wolfish; feisty peacock bass; acrobatic bicuda; chunky pacu; ponderous redtail cats; agile sorubim and the Amazon’s biggest goliath catfish, the gigantic piraiba.  Here, kayaking anglers will find a challenging, rapids-laced, waterway with extreme multi-species fishing opportunities. There has never been a kayak fishing trip like this! If adventure travel is your idea of a good time, this is the ultimate in adventure travel!

The beautiful Blackwater Explorer yacht was built to fish.  It boasts a super-shallow draft, an efficient angler flow and all of the comforts you could ask for; private bathrooms, hot showers, quality fishing gear and the best food you're likely to encounter in any fishing operation anywhere in the world! The yacht’s great mobility and our willingness to burn fuel to find fish, anytime, ensures that a kayak angler will have sore arms, not so much from paddling, but from landing prodigious amounts of hard-fighting peacock bass.

Kayak fishing is available to anglers on any of Acute Angling’s three regularly scheduled trip types at no extra charge, but to ensure availability, should be requested in advance. For more information about Acute Angling and their Amazon fishing trips, please visit their website at www.AcuteAngling.com.  For any questions, specific information about kayak fishing or to arrange a trip, please call us, toll-free at 866 832-2987.


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